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Top-rated invisalign services for children and teenagers in Marblehead and Middleton, MA

At Marblehead and Middleton Smiles, we take immense pride in being your partner on the journey to crafting beautiful, healthy smiles for your child. Our dental offices in Marblehead and Middleton, MA, offer a specialized and comprehensive Invisalign service designed exclusively for children and adolescents. We understand that a confident and well-aligned smile is more than just aesthetics; it's a cornerstone of your child's self-esteem and overall oral health.

With a dedicated team of pediatric dentists and orthodontic specialists, we provide Invisalign clear aligner services and digital impressions. Each step of the way, our focus remains on ensuring your child's comfort and happiness, making their orthodontic experience positive and transformative. Explore our Invisalign services, and let us help your child embark on a journey to a lifetime of radiant smiles.

Invisalign Consultation

What is Invisalign clear aligners?

Invisalign® clear aligners straighten your teeth comfortably and discreetly. Our skilled orthodontists may recommend this treatment as an alternative to traditional metal braces to help you achieve a more beautiful smile while also maintaining a natural appearance. 


Invisalign for teenagers

If your teenager needs orthodontic treatment, we may recommend Invisalign Teen to help them achieve a healthier, more balanced and more beautiful smile. With Invisalign Teen, your teenager can maintain their natural appearance as well as improving their smile. 


What are digital impressions?

We use digital impressions to provide you with high-quality care. This advanced technology can be used in a wide range of treatments, and our dentists and orthodontists will work with you to ensure that your impressions are used to create a treatment that will help you achieve a healthy smile.

Digital impressions are a modern, efficient and comfortable way to take precise impressions of your mouth. If you have ever had to have a traditional impression or mold taken in the past, you know that they can be unpleasant and uncomfortable.

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