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We embrace being part of the amazing communities of Marblehead and Middleton, MA

At Marblehead and Middleton Smiles, we take great pride in being an active participant in the vibrant communities of Marblehead and Middleton.


Our commitment extends beyond the walls of our dental offices as we joyfully participate in local events, initiatives, and celebrations. Whether it's supporting community health fairs, sponsoring local school activities, or engaging in neighborhood festivities, we cherish the opportunity to connect with our fellow residents. Being a part of these events allows us to strengthen our bond with the community, build lasting relationships, and contribute to the overall well-being of Marblehead and Middleton. We look forward to continued involvement and meaningful connections as we share smiles and support in the heart of these wonderful communities.

Hadley & Stanley Elementary Schools in Swampscott

"Thank you to the warm and welcoming staff at both the Hadley & Stanley Elementary Schools for having us! We had so much fun meeting all the amazing children at both schools, hope to see you again next year!"

Tooth Fairy Candy Buy Back 2018

At the 2018 Tooth Fairy Candy Buy Back, we had a fantastic time promoting dental health in a fun-filled community event. Families exchanged candies for prizes, creating smiles and joy all around. The lively atmosphere and shared commitment to oral well-being made it a memorable day. Looking forward to more smiles at the next event!

Little Sprouts Pre-School

On Wednesday October 29, 2014 the Tooth Fairy and her team went to visit Little Sprouts Pre-School in North Andover. We met with three different groups of children while we were there. We talked about healthy snacks, brushing, and of course....the Tooth Fairy! Thank you so much for having us!!!

Memorial Pre-K

October 2014, the Tooth Fairy and her team landed at Memorial PreSchool in Beverly, Massachusetts. We met with both the morning and afternoon sessions that day. We talked about healthy/unhealthy snacks, brushing and flossing, and of course the Tooth Fairy!!! With Halloween approaching we also brought all the children a new toothbrush and floss along with a goodie bag! It was such a fun group of children with some very good questions for the Tooth Fairy! Thank you to the staff at Memorial for having us!

Community Commitment: The Tooth Fairy and Her Team's Dedication to North Shore

The Tooth Fairy and her team values the North Shore Community and giving back to our community is one of our top priorities. Several of our volunteer endeavors include: