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Digital Impressions by Expert Orthodontists: Elevating Your Orthodontic Experience

At Marblehead and Middleton Smiles, in our practice serving Marblehead and Middleton, expert orthodontists employ cutting-edge digital impressions to provide precise and comfortable orthodontic care. Say goodbye to traditional molds, as our advanced technology ensures a seamless, streamlined experience for your orthodontic treatment. Experience the future of orthodontics with our expert team.


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We harness the power of digital impressions to deliver top-notch care. This cutting-edge technology finds application in a broad spectrum of treatments, and our team of expert orthodontists guarantees that these precise impressions form the foundation for your tailored treatment, guiding you toward a healthier, more radiant smile.

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What our expert orthodontists have to say about the benefits of digital impressions

The benefits of digital impressions in orthodontic and dental care are numerous:

Precision and Accuracy

Digital impressions provide highly accurate and detailed scans of a patient's oral structures, resulting in a more precise treatment plan and a better-fitting final product, such as braces or aligners.


Enhanced Comfort

Patients no longer have to endure uncomfortable and messy traditional impression materials. Digital impressions are quick, painless, and non-invasive.

Speed and Efficiency

Digital impressions are faster to capture and transfer electronically. This expedites the treatment process, reducing the time spent in the orthodontic chair.


Improved Communication

Digital scans can be easily shared with other members of the dental team, such as dental laboratories or specialists, to ensure seamless collaboration and treatment coordination.


Digital impressions eliminate the need for disposable impression materials, reducing waste and the environmental impact.

Better Patient Experience

 The comfort and efficiency of digital impressions contribute to an overall positive patient experience, making orthodontic and dental treatments more pleasant.


Higher Treatment Predictability

The precision of digital impressions enhances treatment predictability, ensuring that the intended results are achieved.

Digital Records: Digital scans can be stored electronically, providing a secure and easily accessible record of a patient's oral health history.

Improved Visualization

Dentists and orthodontists can use digital impressions to visualize and explain treatment plans to patients, enhancing their understanding and engagement in their care.


The detailed information provided by digital impressions allows for more customized and tailored treatment plans, resulting in optimal outcomes for each patient.

Overall, digital impressions revolutionize the orthodontic and dental experience by offering numerous advantages that benefit both practitioners and patients.

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What are digital impressions?

Digital impressions are a modern technology used to take precise impressions of your mouth. They eliminate the need for physical molds and impression material, instead using digital sensors to quickly and comfortably scan your mouth and create a highly accurate virtual impression.

When are digital impressions used?

Digital impressions are used to create restorations, such as dental crowns, as well as orthodontic aligners, mouth guards and other oral appliances. The highly precise nature of digital impressions ensures that all restorations and appliances fit perfectly.

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