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The first dental examination is typically performed at around 12 months of age. This is usually an information gathering session that allows us to counsel parents about teething, pacifiers, thumb-sucking, proper feeding, oral hygiene techniques, fluoride status, the effects of diet on the dentition, and injury prevention.

Educating first-time parents is very important to us, because prevention is always the best treatment. Routine evaluations should be performed every six months, beginning at 1 year of age. It’s extremely important that both the parents and dentists make the child’s first dental visit an enjoyable and exciting adventure. Our main goal is for patients to build trust and confidence through enjoyable dental visits. We recommend that prior to the patient’s first visit; the parents set a good example by brushing and flossing their own teeth each day.

We recommend our younger patients schedule morning appointments. Children have more stamina in the morning, are with children their own age, and the Doctor and staff have the extended time and ability to focus on the child's individual needs.

First Visit bookWe encourage parents to use positive vocabulary when addressing the first dental visit with their children, so as to not raise the child’s anxiety level. We also recommend that the parents do not let their children know any anxiety that they themselves may have. Dr. Barone and staff will always find something to praise in each patient, they will highlight the patient’s accomplishments, and award prizes at the end of each visit. We send each child a personalized "My First Visit" book prior to their first appointment at our office. The book will introduce Dr. Barone and our staff to the patient, and will explain what will be accomplished during the first visit.

Dr. Barone, our dental hygienists, and assistants are dedicated to providing the best oral health care for your child. Our staff has the gentle touch and comforting nature to put both children and parents at ease! We listen carefully to all concerns and provide treatment options specially designed to care for each child's needs.


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